Broccoli & Tomato Thai Curry
<< Today's vegetarian supper recipe: Potatoes and broccoli cooked in coconut milk, with just a touch of fiery Thai curry paste. Satisfying and spare, both at once. Not just vegan, "Vegan Done Real". >>

~recipe & photo updated & reposted 2012~
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2006 Original Post: Supper Simplicity. As full of flavor as color, this spare vegetarian supper hit the right light and fresh note after two weeks of holiday indulgence. This is the first time I've used green curry paste. Its heat is familiar, however, reminiscent of Indian and Thai restaurant dishes I've enjoyed over the years. And even though it's hot-hot-hot outside, the heat in the dish actually felt cooling. Is this authentic Thai? I don't know ... unless authentically delicious is the definition. : - )